Wonderful World of McGraw - an illustrated comic guide

Wonderful world of McGraw cover image

Illustrations by Diana Chen '20
Wonderful World of McGraw guide and transcript

This illustrated guide helps first-year Princeton students to understand and adjust to the new challenges they encounter and learn to thrive academically and holistically. It reveals some of the doubts, confusions, frustrations, and fears we all feel when transitioning to a new community and academic culture. We see the characters (Princeton undergraduates) grappling with a variety of academic challenges and using the McGraw Center services and resources designed to help students master them, including tutoring, Principedia, learning consultations and workshops, and the Digital Learning Lab. In the end, when the characters have made their adjustments with the assistance of the McGraw Center, readers are asked to consider how they might use the Center’s resources to find—and progress upon—their path to success at Princeton.