Study Groups and Jumpstarts

Student-Led, Study Group for Your STEM Course

McGraw Will Help You Create Your Own, Student-Led, Study Group For Your STEM Course

Sign up for McGraw matched study groups. Simply enter your information, and we’ll group together students who are in the same classes and provide guidance on how to run effective study groups online. Students will be able to collaborate and schedule times for their group to study together via Zoom.

We are helping students to create their own, student-led, study groups in the following courses (which we support with tutoring):

ANT201, CHM 201, CHM 207, CHM 301, ECO 100, ECO 101, ECO 202, EEB211, GEO 102A, HIS211, HUM335/EAS376/HIS334, LIN201/CGS205, MAT 103, MAT 104, MAT 175, MAT 201, MAT 202, MAT 203, MOL 214, NEU201/PSY258, ORF 245, PHY 101, PHY 103, POL240/SPI312, POL 345, PSY252, R-Programming and MCAT preparation.

This page provides information about setting up and running study groups using Zoom.

Course Jumpstarts: Strategizing Sessions for STEM Courses

Gain course-specific strategies for learning from lectures, tackling readings, and approaching p-sets and studying for exams in STEM courses. Build confidence and reduce stress from the start of the term. Come back to jumpstart your midterm preparation process to avoid procrastination and learn how to get ready—and gain confidence-- for your course final exam.

Led by learning consultants who are trained in the methods and strategies of learning, studying, and time management, the workshop will focus on learning effectively in STEM courses from assigned texts and class notes, ways to organize and study large amounts of information, creating effective study/p-set groups, as well as how to get the most out of past p-sets and exams.

Dates, times and zoom links for course-specific Jumpstarts will be made available once scheduled. Look for an email from McGraw about specifics.

Start the Semester Strong

Course “jumpstarts” are designed to help students get off to a good start in their courses and develop a strategic approach to learning which aligns with course instruction and aims. Led by McGraw learning consultants who are trained in the methods and strategies of learning, studying, and time management, this one-hour workshop will focus on how to learn effectively in Princeton STEM courses. You can ask course-specific questions and you’ll leave with confidence about how to approach the course. Essential if you’ve never taken a course in a particular department at Princeton. Don’t wait until AFTER the midterm to realize how you should have learned and studied in the course.

We will equip you with course-specific strategies for learning, time management, and other techniques for starting out the course well. The workshop will also address strategies for learning from class, tackling readings, and approaching p-sets and studying for exams, among other topics. Resources and learning support offered by the McGraw Center, including tutoring, academic strategy workshops, and learning consultations will be discussed, as will Principedia.

You can see the kind of advice given on our resources page, and this handout which speaks to ways to get the most from the first week of the term.

Jumpstart your Midterm Exam Prep

Midterms come upon us quickly. Getting started on exam prep before you feel entirely ready is a way to ensure you don’t put it off and that make the most of the precious time you have. Getting started early allows you to make the most of valuable resources: office hours, tutoring, past exams, study groups, and review sessions, if offered.

It’s always challenging to anticipate what the first exam in a course will be like, and if this is your first course in a particular discipline (e.g. CHM, ECO, MAT, PHY) you want to get a good understanding of what to expect EARLY.

Join us for a one-hour session devoted to planning out your exam prep process. Dates and times TBA. Look for an email message from McGraw.

Jumpstart your Final Preparation

Get started early on your Finals prep. Plan out your approach to maximize your time, master material, and practice the problem-solving skills and strategies you’ll need to excel on the final exam. Finals are often cumulative and, regardless, will pose more challenging, multifaceted, novel questions that look different from midterms and quizzes. You’ll need to study differently to be prepared.

Our objective is to help students make the most of their study time while also developing generalizable learning, studying, and exam preparation techniques. Finals pose unique challenges in terms of the amount of information to be synthesized, memory, recall and, often in STEM course finals, creative problem-solving under timed conditions. You’ll want to not only master conceptual content deeply, you’ll want to develop advanced problem-solving skills and techniques until you are fluent and accurate to achieve at the highest levels.