Academic Strategies Workshops

You are probably excited about your classes and maybe a bit anxious about meeting your professors’ expectations and achieving your goals. Adapting to Princeton’s rigorous demands is challenging, and developing new academic strategies will be crucial to every student’s learning, success and wellbeing. We know that by developing new approaches to academics all students can be succeed here and our interactive, practical but research-based, timely workshops provide the strategies, techniques and tools to do so.

Join your classmates for one, some or all of our workshops to gain advanced, Princeton-specific approaches to essential academic tasks, including planning, time management, reading and learning from text, p-sets and problem-solving, studying, exam prep, and motivation and overcoming procrastination.

All workshops are in-person and held in 330 Frist Campus Center. Please RSVP using the link found in each event description.

Spring 2024 Workshops

Please check back later as we are regularly updating our schedule.

Prior Workshop Recordings


A selection of prior workshop recordings are found below - for more topics, explore the full list of prior workshop recordings.


What’s Working, What’s Not: Adapting to Succeed in Princeton Courses

(Oct 28, 2020)
Workshop Recording

No matter how your midterm week went, this workshop is designed to help you learn from your experience so as to finish the semester strong. Reflect on and analyze what’s working—and not— for you in your courses. Midterms and papers provide useful feedback on how to read, learn and study. Build on what’s been effective and get new ideas for how to adapt your approach to achieve your goals on future assignments and finals. Leave with new strategies and a new approach to strategizing.

"How does my professor expect me to do all this reading?": Efficient Reading Strategies for Princeton Courses

(Sep 16, 2020)
Workshop Recording
Materials & Resources

Learn How to Maximize Your Reading Efficiency! To achieve academic success at Princeton it is crucial for students to develop superior strategies for reading and learning from text. In this workshop you will learn an approach that helps you align your learning strategies to instructor objectives, techniques for reading various kinds of academic texts, strategies for enhancing retention and recall, and methods for reading faster and more efficiently.

Thriving at Princeton: Mapping Your Semester for Balance & Success

(Sep 11, 2020)
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Map out your semester from the very start! Balance academics with everything else Princeton has to offer. Learn about the biggest organizational and time management challenges from Princeton upperclassmen—so you can overcome them. Try out proven practical techniques and tools. Find out about fundamental principles of time management and self-management that allow you to adapt to new, unexpected situations. Prevent procrastination before it prevents you from getting things done!

Time Management Strategies: Creating a Structured AND Flexible Routine

(Feb 19 , 2021)
Workshop recording  Workshop materials

Try out proven practical techniques and tools for managing your days and weeks. Develop course-specific weekly learning cycles so that you can manage time, allocate tasks, and learn efficiently in each and all your courses. Find out about fundamental principles of time management and self-management that allow you to flexibly adapt to new, unexpected situations.

"Why do I keep putting things off?": Overcoming Procrastination

(Sep 14, 2020)
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Is procrastination an obstacle to maintaining balance and achieving academic success? If so, you are not alone. Up to 80% of college students report that procrastination has been a significant issue. Procrastination is not a matter of mere “laziness” and the solution is not simply “better time management”. In order to overcome procrastination, it is vital that you understand its root causes and motivational dynamics. It is also vital to learn an array of (sometimes counter-intuitive) strategies and techniques for dealing with it.