Academic Life and Learning Strategies Consultations

Students can make use of learning consultations to develop skills and strategies to tackle a variety of semester endeavors: Princeton or other courses, independent work and other research projects, skill development (e.g. learning to learn more effectively online; concentration and focus; time and self-management, etc.), or even making the most of their internships as a learning experience.


McGraw Center’s undergraduate peer tutoring is intended to supplement lecture, precept, lab and office hours and not replicate or replace them. Tutoring is offered as both drop-in group study hall and individual tutoring.

Academic Strategies Workshops

The Academic Strategies Workshops are active, hands-on sessions that provide opportunities to learn and apply specific strategies and skills helpful for meeting Princeton’s rigorous academic demands. 

Digital Learning Lab

The McGraw Center's Digital Learning Lab (DLL), located on the 100 level of Lewis Science Library, supports the teaching of courses with unconventional formats and/or co-curricular digital learning components.  Students and faculty receive support and training in software applications that promote innovative course assignments.

Student-Led Study Groups

Sign up for McGraw matched study groups and you will be grouped together with students who are in the same class. We also provide materials on how to run effective study groups in-person or online. Students will initiate contact and collaboration and will schedule times, etc. for their group to study together.

Course Jumpstarts: Strategizing Sessions for Specific Courses

McGraw offers course-specific strategizing sessions for STEM courses. Gain course-specific strategies for learning from lectures, tackling readings, and approaching p-sets and studying for exams in STEM courses. Build confidence and reduce stress from the start of the term.