Become a McGraw Learning Strategies Consultant

The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning hires consultants each spring for its Learning Consultation Program

Do you want to improve your own academic performance while helping your fellow students improve theirs? Interested in honing skills for professions beyond Princeton, including business consulting, medicine, seminary studies, graduate school, and teaching? Are you curious about:

  • how people learn and how we can learn more efficiently for academic purposes?
  • motivational dynamics and ways to harness them for success?
  • how to promote growth and change in oneself and others?
  • strategies and techniques for effective consultation and collaboration?
  • university culture and how it works; what some have called the “hidden curriculum”?

If so, then join the McGraw Center a Learning Consultant in our Learning Consultation Program.  Express your interest now and we will add your name to our records and contact you at the outset of the spring semester.

The McGraw Center for Teaching & Learning hires consultants each spring for its Learning Consultation Program. You can express your interest at any time, and we will share more information with you about both the position and the hiring process. This is a paid position (approximately $15.00/hr).

A good way to get involved with McGraw in the meantime is by participating in Principedia. Contact us.

Here’s what a few consultants said about their experience:

“It has been such an amazing experience working for you and the McGraw Center these past few years. I have learned so much from you and the rest of our team and I am so thankful for that. You have really helped to transform the way I think about learning and academics and it has been integral to my success.”

“McGraw has been a life-changing experience in a myriad of ways and I can't express how happy I am to be a part of this team.”

“I am really glad I have become so involved in the McGraw Center. This really has helped shaped what I want to do for my career when I graduate.”