Individual Tutoring

Spring 2022 Information

Individual Tutoring will be offered each week Sunday through Wednesday starting Sunday 2/6. Appointments are 50 minutes long and are posted on Friday each week.

Appointments can be found here, more information about appointments and joining tutoring can be found below.

Appointments are generally available each week for the following courses: CHM 202, CHM 215, CHM 304, ECO 100, ECO 101, ECO 202, MAT 103, MAT 201, MAT 202, MAT 204, MOL 214, ORF 245, PHY 102, PHY 104, PHY 108, R-Programming [appointments may be added for EGR 153, EGR 154, MAT 104, and MAT 175 depending on tutor availability]

If you cannot find an appointment for your course - check back (they may not have been posted yet or one may open up if someone cancels) and consider attending study hall (you may still be able to work one-on-one with a tutor, especially if you attend away from when the assignments are due).

Signing Up for Individual Tutoring

  • Individual tutoring appointments can be found at (you will need to login with your Princeton credentials)
    • After logging in with your NetID and password, click the "Search Availability" button to the left and in the drop-down select "Individual Tutoring". A second drop-down will allow you to choose the class you would like to search for.
  • Appointments are posted each week on Friday afternoon
  • Please book only 1 appointment per class each week - appointments are very limited
  • If you can no longer attend your individual tutoring appointment - please cancel (you can see and cancel your appointments at
  • If you are more than five minutes late you may lose your appointment and if you miss multiple appointments you may be restricted from making future individual tutoring appointments

Attending Individual Tutoring

  • Tutoring will be held in person in the Frist Campus Center - if you would like to request a virtual individual tutoring appointment, please send an email to after making your appointment and at least 24 hours before your appointment.
  • All individual tutoring is held outside of Frist 330 in the 3rd floor study area - upon arrival check in with the admin who will direct you to your tutor.
  • All attendees are asked to swipe in upon arrival - this information is needed to both gauge student usage (and adjust our support as needed) and within the current pandemic for potential contract tracing. Information about individual students is confidential - if however, for the purposes of contact tracing, University Health Services (UHS) requests attendance records of specific McGraw events we will provide that information, as required, for health and safety purposes.

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    Free one-on-one peer tutoring* is available for many Princeton courses--most commonly for introductory courses in the natural sciences, math, economics, and foreign languages**. Individual tutoring may be especially helpful if you feel like you need help with specific parts of a course, or if your previous experience did not include preparation in an essential topic that you need for a class. The aim of tutoring is to help students develop the skills and strategies they need to independently and successfully engage in the course.

    Individual Peer Tutoring is a limited resource, and it should not be thought of as the sole means of support in any course. We highly recommend that you attend your instructor’s office hours and the McGraw Center Group Study Hall as well as Learning Consultations for specific courses--and don't forget Principedia.  

    Individual tutoring appointments can be found at

    ** Please book only 1 appointment per class each week, appointments are very limited **

    If you have any problems visit our troubleshooting page.

    * Academic Regulations

    Please note that students may work only with tutors in the Princeton undergraduate tutoring program and with Fellows in the Writing Center. Students are in violation of University regulations if they engage the services of private tutors (see 2.4.5 Tutoring in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities of Students).

    ** Individual Tutoring in Courses not supported at the McGraw Center

    Tutoring in language courses, as well as in some introductory STEM and computational courses not supported by McGraw Study Halls or Individual Tutoring, may be available through the peer tutoring program in the residential colleges.  To find out more about this resource, contact your residential college Director of Studies.  Follow the instructions in the scheduler to sign up for a one-to-one learning consultation in the McGraw Center to develop an effective approach to learning in any course, including courses for which there is no tutoring on campus.

    Additional Resources:

    Contact us

    If you cannot find an appointment for a McGraw Tutoring supported course (offered during the semester by Study Hall or Individual), and feel that you definitely need an appointment, please contact McGraw’s Assistant Director, Colleen Richardson, with your name and the course you need help with and she will try to find an available tutor. Since our tutors are students too, there is no guarantee that a tutor will be available.