Individual Tutoring

Spring 2018 Courses

Appointments will be available 7 days in advance.

Courses supported: CHM 202, 304, 304B | MAT 103, 104, 201, 202 | PHY 102, 104 | ECO 100, 101 | MOL 214 | R-Programming

Sign up for Individual Tutoring!  - Follow directions on the main menu screen.

Please note you MUST use your Princeton NETID to access the system. Do not use a personalized email address (also known as an alias address).

  • Please sign up for no more than 1 hour per class per night. 
  • Individual tutoring is available on Sunday afternoons from 1:30 until 4:30 p.m.; and on Sunday through Wednesday evenings from 7:30 until 10:30 p.m.
  • Check-in at the desk in the study area on the 3rd floor of the Frist Campus Center (located outside the front of the McGraw Center, 328 Frist) 
  • Individual Peer Tutoring is a limited resource, and it should not be thought of as the sole means of support in any course. We highly recommend that you attend your instructor’s office hours and the McGraw Center Group Study Hall as well.  
  • If you are denied access, please contact with the course you are looking for and times you are available. We will sign you up for an appointment if there is still one available.

Free one-on-one peer tutoring* is available for many Princeton courses--most commonly for introductory courses in the natural sciences, math, economics, and foreign languages**. Individual tutoring may be especially helpful if you feel like you need help with specific parts of a course, or if your previous experience did not include preparation in an essential topic that you need for a class. The aim of tutoring is to help students develop the skills and strategies they need to independently and successfully engage in the course.

If there is no appointment available, please check the calendar again after 3 pm the day of the appointment as a spot may have opened up.  You can also attend McGraw Center's Group Study Hall. Open appointments are also sent out to college listserves if time permits.

view of the exterior of the McGraw Center

* Academic Regulations

Please note that students may work only with tutors in the Princeton undergraduate tutoring program and with Fellows in the Writing Center. Students are in violation of University regulations if they engage the services of private tutors (see 2.4.5 Tutoring in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities of Students).

** Individual Tutoring in Courses not supported at the McGraw Center

Tutoring in language courses, as well as in some introductory STEM and computational courses not supported by McGraw Study Halls or Individual Tutoring, may be available through the peer tutoring program in the residential colleges.  To find out more about this resource, contact your residential college Director of Studies.

Contact us

If you cannot find an appointment for a McGraw Center Tutoring supported course (offered during the semester by Study Hall or Individual), and feel that you definitely need an appointment, please contact McGraw’s Assistant Director, Geneva Stein, with your name and the course you need help with and she will try to find an available tutor. Since our tutors are students too, there is no guarantee that a tutor will be available.