Group Study Hall

We are currently accepting applications for the Fall 2019 semester, apply here.

In particular we are seeking students who have taken ECO 100/101, EGR 151/152/191/192, MAT 175, MAT 203, or PHY 101/103.

We are seeking tutors to join our committed team who are interested in receiving training in learning principles and tutoring techniques and who want to help students acquire the strategies needed to solve Princeton exam-level problems.

A qualified tutor is someone who has taken and enjoyed the course (generally received a B+ or above, but that it not a restriction) and equally important, someone who likes working with other students and is willing to explain things multiple ways and times.

The application form can be found online and (group) interviews will be held through exam period and during the summer (as well as at the start of the fall semester if needed). Any questions should be sent to


Tutoring resumes in the Fall.


The aim of McGraw Center tutoring is to help you develop the skills and strategies you need to independently and successfully engage in the course. Check in at 330 Frist Campus Center.