Group and Individual Tutoring

Spring 2022 Updates

  • Tutoring (both group and individual) will be offered in-person this semester. In accordance with the university's face coverings policy all those attending tutoring (both students and tutors) will be required to wear a face covering. 

  • Group tutoring is drop-in based and you are encouraged to work with classmates with the support of McGraw tutors - sessions last 3 hours, you can attend for as little or as long as you like. Individual tutoring requires an appointment and guarantees you one-on-one time with a tutor - appointments last 50 minutes.

  • Courses supported Spring (most courses will have both group and individual tutoring): CHM 202, CHM 304, ECO 100, ECO 101, ECO 202, EGR 153, EGR 154, MAT 103, MAT 104, MAT 175, MAT 201, MAT 202, MAT 204, MOL 214, ORF 245, PHY 102, PHY 104, PHY 108, R-Programming [CHM 215, PSY 251, and SPI 200 may be offered depending on tutor availability]

  • Students can also receive support for learning in any Princeton course and for independent work by signing up for individualized academic life and learning consultations.

  • Academic strategies workshops on a variety of topics will be conducted as scheduled. All services are cost-free. 

Over half of Princeton Students have used McGraw Tutoring for their Princeton courses. Tutoring is an integral part of many courses and we work closely with faculty to align our tutoring to their course goals. 

Group Study Hall 

Drop-in Group Study Hall Tutoring seeks to create a study group-like environment in order to help students become independent, flexible problem-solvers.  To that end, tutors facilitate group interaction and learning so that students are actively thinking, explaining, solving problems and integrating their knowledge and thus making explicit their thinking and learning processes for themselves and others. 

Individual Peer Tutoring

Appointment based Individual Tutoring allows for focused and individualized assistance for students who want a more personalized tutoring experience. Individual Tutoring is especially useful for students who want help with specific parts of the course, whose previous experience did not include preparation in an essential topic that they need for the course, or who want to enhance their foundational knowledge through the application of the course material. Individual Tutoring may be the place for students who, after preparing, are still struggling with defining their specific issues or have a broad range of questions/concepts to discuss.