Managing Independent Work & Large Projects

Independent work and course projects provide unique opportunities for students to pursue interests, express oneself creatively, acquire new skill sets and, sometimes, make an impact on other communities. At the same time, inquiry, research, scholarship and assignments of this kind pose challenges that are different from conventional coursework.

Grasping expectations, developing an actionable plan, knowing where to start, breaking down tasks, utilizing relevant resources and resourcefully responding to the inevitable challenges of extended projects can be quite demanding and lead to feelings of overwhelm, stuckness, avoidance, and procrastination.

You can develop foundational skills and techniques for task and time management adapted to these types of tasks in workshops, from McGraw materials and by working one-to-one on your project with an Academic Life & Learning Consultant or Graduate Student Coach. Breaking down your project, talking through your approach and getting supportive accountability can provide the structure and instill the confidence needed to undertake big tasks.

An Academic Life & Learning Consultant or Graduate Student Coach will partner with you to plan your project, serve as a sounding board, brainstorm solutions, provide supportive structure/accountability, and, generally complement your faculty advisor.

Resources related to time and task management help you manage your big project while keeping up on other academic demands and maintaining well-being.

Workshops on time and task management and efficient reading, among others, provide strategies and skills useful for undertaking and completing big projects.