Academic Strategies Workshop Series

April Workshops 

"How will I get it all done?": Planning for Dean's Date & Finals
This interactive workshop will focus on methods for strategizing to complete Dean's Date assignments efficiently and prepare for exams effectively. Come get your questions answered about managing one of Princeton's unique challenges. Discussion topics are time management, productivity, and dealing with stress.

Pulling it all Together: Strategies for Preparing for Cumulative & Take Home Final Exams
Cumulative and take home finals pose unique challenges for managing and studying lots of information from multiple sources, remembering what you study, and being able to access and use what we learned on demand during exams. In this workshop you will learn study strategies that help you meet all these demands to give you greater confidence going into exams.


March Workshops

Feel Confident for Midterms: Learning & Test Prep Strategies
Ready for your midterms? In this workshop you will learn proven methods for anticipating and preparing for the kind of problems and questions you will be expected to answer on exams., selecting and prioritizing the most important information in your courses, synthesizing and reducing large amounts of information from multiple sources into manageable formats, and organizing your knowledge in ways that promote deep learning, retention, and efficient recall.

Tackling Test Anxiety: Strategies for Test Prep & Test Taking
In this workshop you will learn proven methods for anticipating and preparing for the kind of problems and questions you will be expected to answer on exams. Additionally, we will address ways to prevent test anxiety from arising during exams and concrete techniques for combatting it in case it does.

Planning Out the Remainder of the Semester
At this juncture in the semester you're probably looking ahead to big papers and projects, while keeping up (or catching up) with readings and p-sets. This workshop will focus on planning, time management and productivity while maintaining balance in what can be challenging time of year.

What’s Working, What’s Not: Adapting to Succeed in Princeton Courses
This workshop will help you reflect on and analyze what’s working—and not—for you in your courses. Midterms and papers provide useful feedback on how to read, learn and study. Build on what’s been effective and get new ideas for how to adapt your approach to achieve your goals on future assignments and final projects/exams.

Want to Make the Most of the Remainder of the Semester?: Don't Let Procrastination be an Obstacle
Has procrastination an obstacle to maintaining balance and achieving your academic goals? Procrastination is not a matter of mere “laziness” and the solution is not simply “better time management”. In order to overcome procrastination, it is vital that you understand its root causes and motivational dynamics and learn an array of (sometimes counter-intuitive) strategies and techniques for preventing it.

The McGraw Center is currently developing online workshops addressing topics listed below. Until those are offered, we encourage you to meet with a learning consultant to address those and other issues. If there are other issues you would like addressed in a virtual workshop format, please let us know. We will also be offering Virtual Learning Q&A sessions on Zoom—Dates and Times TBA.

  • Getting Motivated Academically
  • Planning Out The Remainder of The Semester
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Working Effectively From Home (Or in Your Dorm Room)