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Our Mission

The Learning Program engages all students as partners in learning in order to equip them with the knowledge, skills, strategies, and mindsets to thrive academically and holistically in Princeton's distinctive liberal arts / research university setting.

At the McGraw Center we partner with students individually and in small groups in supportive, non-evaluative ways to further develop their knowledge, skills, strategies and mindsets so that you can engage and learn deeply, study purposefully and efficiently, in order to meet and master Princeton’s distinctive demands, achieve your goals and flourish academically and holistically. Click on the entry points below to learn more about and sign up for our programs, services and resources.

Common Questions & Challenges

Our aim is to equip Princeton students with the knowledge, know-how, ways of thinking and problem-solving skills, mindsets and tools essential  to truly flourish academically. Use the resources below to meet and master many demands and truly flourish.

Below you can find a selection of the common questions and challenges McGraw supports - find more topics in the full list.

Our programs translate insights from the research on learning into practical approaches to help Princeton undergraduates become more powerful, productive and self-directed learners who not only achieve better grades but also attain greater balance. With practice and support from McGraw learning consultants, tutors and workshop leaders, students at all levels we believe all students can cultivate adaptive mindsets and adopt new effective and efficient strategies in order to truly thrive at Princeton.

Explore the links above and in the menu to find out more about what the McGraw Center has to offer undergraduate students & email [email protected] if you have further questions.

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