Policy Guidance and Additional Resources

Policy Guidance
  • Attendance and Participation Policies for Online Teaching in Fall 2020
  • Updated Guidance about Changes to Fall 2020 Course Offerings
  • Guidance on Recording Virtual Classes (FERPA)
  • Undergraduate Course Assistants (UCAs)
    • UCAs may not formally lead precepts, but they can facilitate problem-solving sessions under the direction or supervision of the faculty member and/or the course AI. For instance, students assigned to a particular precept may be broken down into smaller groups led by a single UCA. Those students might review or discuss course material, practice problem-solving skills, engage in Q&A with the UCA, or complete course assignments with support from the UCA (if permitted by the course policy on collaboration). UCAs should be supervised by, and are responsible to, the course instructor.
  • Accessibility
    • Record the course or precepts so that students can review it afterwards.
    • Post all materials (notes, slides, readings) online.
    • Provide extra lead time for assignments.