Student Questionnaire Template

Download as an editable document.

Dear Student:

Please use this questionnaire as a constructive way to provide feedback to your instructor about his/her teaching. Please take a moment and think through your comments to be as specific as possible so that your instructor can determine what steps to take to make his/her teaching more effective for you. Your answers to this questionnaire should be returned to your instructor and will be seen only by your instructor. You will be asked to complete a different survey at the end of the semester that will be used for course and instructor evaluation for administrative purposes and for the Student Course Guide.

Thanks for your help.


Course_____________________________ Instructor____________________________

Reason you are taking this course:

(Check as many as apply.)

______ requirement for the major

______ distribution requirement

______ interested in subject

______ wanted to have this instructor


Your class level:

______ freshman

______ sophomore

______ junior

______ senior


Do you usually understand what is expected of you in preparing for and participating in this class? If not, please explain why not.


What aspects of this course and your instructor's teaching help you learn best?


What specific advice would you give to help your instructor improve your learning in this course?


What steps could you take to improve your own learning in this course?


What other ideas would you suggest to improve this course (e.g., changes in course structure, assignments or exams)?



 For additional documents and forms, visit McGraw's Resources for Graduate Students.