Zoe San Martin


Zoe is a junior majoring in the School of Public & International Affairs with certificates in Chinese and East Asian Studies.

Areas of Specialization:

  • “Pre-Law” Consultation
  • Time Management Consultation
  • Self-Scheduling/Organization Consultation
  • Reading-Intensive Course Consultation
  • Writing-Intensive Course Consultation
  • Foreign Language Course Consultation

Campus Connections:

  • Mock Trial
  • Model Congress
  • Model United Nations
  • Tower Club
  • SIFP
  • Previously: Rockefeller College Council, Envision, Princeton U.S-China Coalition

Courses Taken:

  • CHI105/107/303/304
  • (SPIA) ECO100, POL240, POL345, SPI370, SPI350
  • Variety of courses in POL & EAS (reading & writing heavy)