Turquoise Brewington

Class of 2022

Turquoise is a senior from New Jersey and is majoring in The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs with certificates in African American Studies and Spanish.

Areas of Specialization: (Learning strategies and issues especially like to work on, feel best prepared to work on with students.)

  • General Life and Learning
  • Work-Life Balance Consultation
  • Time Management

Types of Consultations: (all consultants can meet and work with all students on any issues.)

  • Learning Strategies Consultation: Get advice about how to approach your courses, tackle assignments, and prepare for exams. Gain new strategies, techniques, and skills to enhance your effectiveness and efficiency.

Campus Connections: (groups and organizations part of or have been part of)

  • Matriculate
  • Forbes College PAA
  • Cap & Gown Club
  • Civic Leadership Council
  • Undergraduate Student Government

Courses taken/want students to know have taken:

  • ECO100
  • POL345