Suzie Herman

Sixth-year graduate student
Art and Archaeology

As a Graduate Peer Coach my key values include integrity, compassion, growth, and appreciating cultural diversity. Graduate student life is full of challenges. As a coach, my aim is to collaboratively identify challenges you may face and strategize about ways to deal with them. Topics could be, but are not limited to, time-management, perfectionism, procrastination, the relationship with your advisor, motivation, or navigating academia as an international student. Building on your strengths, we will work through the issues that you bring to the table to enhance your experience as graduate student (and beyond) and encourage personal growth.

I am a sixth year (international) graduate student in the Art and Archaeology department. I love to go outdoors, so alternatively we could also meet and discuss during a walk! The foundation of our conversation is trust, openness, and curiosity to seek personal and academic growth.