Stav Bejerano

Class of 2023

Stav Bejerano is a junior pursuing a concentration in Philosophy and a certificate in Environmental Studies (and perhaps some others, too!)

Areas of Specialization: (Learning strategies and issues especially like to work on, feel best prepared to work on with students.)

  • Time Management Consultation
  • Reading-intensive Course Consultation
  • Independent Work & Research Consultation
  • “Back at Princeton” (Returning from Leave of Absence) Consultation
  • In-person Consultation
  • Weekly Check-ins/Recurring Consultation

Campus Connections: (groups and organizations currently part of):

  • ARCA in Mathey College
  • 2D Co-op
  • Behrman Undergraduate Society of Fellows
  • Ida B. Wells Just Data Lab
  • Previously: several environmental and social justice organizations, a dance group, Bridge Year

Courses taken/want students to know have taken:

  • Stav has taken courses across a whole wide range of disciplines, though with a notable skewing towards reading/writing-heavy courses.