Mona Fixdal

Senior Associate Director, Digital Learning and Design
Office Phone
237 Lewis Science Library

Mona Fixdal provides strategic planning and pedagogical leadership for Princeton’s learning management system, Canvas, and the number of teaching tools and applications integrated with it. Her team, consisting of video producers, instructional designers, and training analysts, promotes the purposeful, creative, and accessible use of the LMS, and supports faculty and staff through individual consultations and group training sessions.

Mona also leads the fully online course program at Princeton, which—through its partnerships with Coursera and edX—has offered about 30 courses to more than 3 million learners in over 190 countries since 2012. With pedagogical and technical expertise, her group partners with faculty to design, produce, and launch courses to a world-wide audience.

Mona Fixdal has a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Oslo, though much of her graduate course work was done as a Fulbright fellow at Yale University. She is the author of Just Peace: How Wars should End, as well as a number of chapters and articles on postwar justice and third-party mediation.