Fawaz Ahmad

Class of 2022

Fawaz is an FLI Computer Science Senior from Northern Virginia, taking classes in Psychology, History, Religion, and more.

Areas of Specialization: (Learning strategies and issues especially like to work on, feel best prepared to work on with students.)

  • Exam Preparation
  • STEM/BSE Oriented
  • Time Management
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Weekly Coaching

Campus Connections: (groups and organizations part of or have been part of)

  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Forbes College
  • Office of Religious Life
  • Outdoor Action
  • Princeton Neuroscience Institute

Courses taken/want students to know have taken:

All Engineering Prerequisites

  • CHM201
  • COS126
  • EGR191/ MAT201
  • EGR192/PHY103
  • MAT202
  • PHY104

Variety of Humanities/Soc Sciences

  • LIN250
  • PHY201
  • LCA101
  • PSY207, PSY259
  • HIS345, HIS362,
  • REL252, REL264, REL345

Science Classes

  • MOL214
  • CHM202
  • NEU202
  • COS Classes
  • COS217, COS226
  • ELE206/COS306, COS302, COS333, COS326, COS340
  • COS424