Edelyn Lau

Class of 2022

Edelyn is a FLI student from Brooklyn, NY, an East Asian Studies major, and pursuing a certificate in Translation & Intercultural Communication.

Areas of Specialization: (Learning strategies and issues especially like to work on, feel

best prepared to work on with students.)

  • Time Management Consultation
  • Exam Preparation Consultation
  • Independent Work & Research Consultation
  • Reading-intensive Course Consultation
  • “Back at Princeton” (Returning from Leave of Absence) Consultation

Campus Connections: (groups and organizations part of or have been part of)

  • Scholars Institute Fellows Program (SIFP)
  • Princeton University Mentoring Program (PUMP)
  • Princeton University Science Olympiad (PUSO)
  • Colonial Club

Courses taken/want students to know have taken:

  • HUM 233
  • CHI 301, 412
  • JPN 101-302
  • LIN 201, 308