Briana Macedo

Class of 2022

Briana is a FLI student from Harrison, NJ. She is a BSE Computer Science major pursuing certificates in Engineering Biology and Quantitvative & Computational Biology. Briana completed the Integrated Science Curriculum.

Areas of Specialization: (Learning strategies and issues especially like to work on, feel best prepared to work on with students.)

  • General life and learning
  • Weekly coaching
  • Exam preparation
  • STEM / BSE
  • Pre-medical

Campus Connections: (groups and organizations part of or have been part of)

  • WPRB 103.3 FM Radio Host
  • Rocky RCA
  • American Physician Scientist Association

Courses taken/want students to know have taken:

  • ISC 231
  • MOL 345
  • COS 226 / COS 217