Online resources and technical support for Zoom and Canvas


Zoom video conferencing has been integrated with Canvas. It can also be accessed outside of any learning management system.  Instructors can use Zoom to conduct live sessions, either if some or all students are joining remotely. Instructors can also use it to record and post lectures.

How to access Zoom in Canvas: You can access Zoom in Canvas; to enable Zoom in existing Spring 2020 Canvas courses, navigate to Settings in the course menu, select the Navigation tab and drag Zoom up to the course navigation section. Remember to save your settings.

How to access Zoom outside of an LMS: If you are accessing Zoom, go to Princeton Zoom Video Conferencing and log in with your NetId. The following help article(link is external) will explain how. 

Recording and uploading lectures with Zoom. Zoom allows you to record a session by clicking “Record this meeting.” A recorded session will be stored as an mp4 file on your computer, which you can then share with your students. If you record your video “to the cloud,” the video file will automatically be added to your Panopto account. The following page in our Field Guide to Canvas explains how to use Panopto to store your videos and share them


The following help articles will explain how to use the most common features in Canvas: