Responsible Teaching in a Violent Culture

Koritha Mitchell Responsible Teaching in a Violent CultureResponsible Teaching in a Violent Culture

An Inclusive Teaching at Princeton event, co-sponsored with the Lewis Center for the Arts and the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity

HELD on Wednesday, January 27, 2021

American society seems to be getting more polarized and more violent, but teachers-at every level-feel more trepidation than confidence about addressing issues that are even slightly controversial. Based on Koritha Mitchell's expertise regarding how violence functions and the purpose of all forms of violence (from hate speech to physical attacks), this workshop will address how we teach, and teach charged topics, in a deeply polarized moment. Mitchell's workshop empowers faculty to develop strategies that allow them to be proactive rather than reactive, to operate from a clear affirmative stance rather than respond only when a classroom norm is violated. Instructors will leave with conceptual frameworks they can use to assess the strategies they are currently using in the classroom, as well as to develop additional strategies. As important, you will leave the session with activities you can immediately take into the classroom.

To learn more about Mitchell, visit her website