McGraw on a Page - Fall 2021

Welcome, Class of 2025!

At the McGraw Center our goal is to help you take full advantage of the academic opportunities available at Princeton while also maintaining balance and achieving your goals. We offer completely cost-free services and programs that will equip you to master the inevitable challenges, attain your personal goals, and achieve success so that you truly THRIVE here.

The McGraw Center regularly receives as many as 10,000 visits each year from Princeton undergrads with well over half of the first-year class working with tutors and learning consultants and attending workshops. Nearly 20% of first-year students get academic coaching (academic life and learning consultations) at McGraw and the average effectiveness rating last year was over 94%. Additionally, literally 99% of students said they would recommend the workshops they attended. So that you can see what your fellow Princeton students said about their experiences with McGraw services, we’ve included quotations below.

To learn more about when and why you might want to use our services, check out our guide for students, made in an engaging comic format. Given recent extraordinary circumstances, it’s even more important than ever that you engage the resources available, so McGraw has expanded our offerings as you re-adjust to in-person learning while adapting to Princeton academics.

Learn more about tutoring, workshops, learning consultations, and study group matching and course jumpstarts on our website and review the information below!

Visit our Virtual McGraw Preview to see video introductions to these programs and more. All these individualized and small group services are supportive, effective, and fun.


Learn about what McGraw is offering this Fall by reviewing this document/page, clicking on links and exploring our website. ALL our services will be in-person so you can develop not only skills and strategies, but on-going working relationships with fellow students, tutors, consultants and staff. Many resources will also be virtual or online: learning consultations, workshops and Principedia as well as online materials (see the links below).


McGraw provides spaces for students to work individually and in personalized small groups to develop the knowledge, skills, strategies and mindsets that are essential to academic success— and maintaining wellbeing. As a first-year student focusing on adapting your academic approach in the face of new demands is essential—all students should expect to make changes. In Princeton’s distinctive academic environment, with rigorous expectations around reading, learning in class, p-sets, assignments and papers, and managing time and tasks, you’ll experience unfamiliar demands requiring new strategies and methods. As a result, you might find yourself asking, "How do I...?"

How do I manage my time and academic tasks effectively?

How do I handle these heavy reading loads?

How do I keep up with the fast pace of my lectures and classes?

How do I prevent and overcome procrastination?

How do I tackle problem sets and other assignments efficiently?

How am I expected to participate in precepts?

How do I make the most of Princeton resources, including tutoring, etc.?

How do I adapt my academic approach when it doesn’t seem to be working?

What can I expect from my exams and how do I prepare for them?

How do I plan for Dean’s Date and Finals Period?

How do I learn from p-sets what I need for exams?

All Princeton students encounter new courses, assignments, and new learning demands, so these questions are to be expected. At McGraw we pride ourselves on breaking down the many unfamiliar, often invisible expectations with you and guiding you toward new Princeton-specific strategies and techniques to help you answer these and other questions—and implement the solutions. At McGraw you will receive practical, personalized, Princeton-specific advice on methods of learning, time and task management, overcoming procrastination, and tackling assignments, among other things. When you find yourself thinking, “How do I…?” know that McGraw is here for you.


You can use all of these effective, cost-free, unlimited services designed for all students:

  • One-to-One Learning Strategy Consultations (academic coaching)
    80+ appointments each week, 9am-10pm (Eastern) and by appointment
  • Academic Strategy Workshops
    Offered weekly: Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons
  • Study Hall Group Tutoring
    Drop-in Sundays-Thursdays at various times for: CHM 201, CHM 207, CHM 301, ECO 100, ECO 101, ECO 202, EGR 151, EGR 152, MAT 103, MAT 104, MAT 175, MAT 201,MAT 202, MOL 214, ORF 245, PHY 101, PHY 103, POL 345, R-Programming
  • Individual Tutoring
    By-appointment for: CHM 201, CHM 207, CHM 301, ECO 100, ECO 101, ECO 202,EGR 151,
    EGR 152, MAT 104, MAT 175, MAT 201, MAT 202, MOL 214, ORF 245, PHY 101, PHY 103, POL 345,
  • Course-Specific Study Groups & Course Jumpstarts
    Over 25 courses with scores of study groups meeting at various times. Jumpstarts help you start your course with sound advice.
  • Principedia (Like Wikipedia, but about succeeding in Princeton courses.)
    Course-specific advice and strategies from students for students
  • Resources, Handouts & Advice
    Materials to support development of new approaches to academics


All McGraw services are offered in-person and some also virtually in Fall 2021. Some services, like Study Hall Group Tutoring, you can just drop in during the many hours its offered, and Principedia and other resources are always available online. Other services, like learning consultations, workshops and Individual Tutoring, you sign up using our online scheduling system. (If you have any difficulties, email and we’ll help you out.)

In addition to McGraw’s website, look for our weekly email newsletter, LearnPrinceton, and regular flyers. You’ll get timely advice and learn about upcoming workshops, learning consultations, tutoring and other programs. To automatically receive up-to-date information, subscribe to McGraw’s events calendar.


The McGraw Center services are provided by Princeton students and individualized to you! They are confidential, informal, low-key, personalized and focus on developing your know-how to adapt to Princeton academics—no grading or evaluation. Not only are services cost-free, they are, effectively, unlimited, so try them all out! Your fellow Princeton students said this about their experiences with McGraw services:

  • "Our learning consultation was super helpful, informative, and fun. I'm sure what I learned will help me not only this semester, but also for a long time from now."
  • "This workshop makes you much more self-aware--the reason you procrastinate is not always what you think."
  • “McGraw’s online resources helped me to organize the many parts of my project and to articulate my thoughts both visually and verbally.”
  • "In my consultation, not only did I learn some extremely effective strategies which I am already using, I also found it very helpful to be able to talk and brainstorm freely."
  • Principedia is amazing! I used it to choose courses, figure out how to learn from lectures and prepare for the final.”
  • “I don’t think I could have learned as much or got the grade I did without McGraw


Come to McGraw to connect with your peers, get personalized guidance to learn the skills and strategies to succeed in your classes and have time to take advantage of the many opportunities Princeton has to offer while maintaining balance in your life. We’re here for you; we’re here to help you thrive even under these unprecedented circumstances!


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