Collaborative Teaching Initiative Pilot Program

In this pilot program, staff from the McGraw Center will convene three teaching teams for a virtual course design symposium over two days in late spring, which will culminate in a syllabus workshop in late summer and the opportunity (if public health protocols allow) to visit and observe one another’s courses during the teaching semester.

The symposium will introduce teaching teams to the principles of integrated course design, with an emphasis on defining learning objectives, designing assignments and grading rubrics, planning classroom activities, creating community, and writing a syllabus. We will also uncover common misperceptions about learning, explore responsible and equitable teaching, consider best practices in collaborative instruction, and highlight key campus resources for teaching.

The symposium will follow this plan over the two days:

Part One (2 hours): Getting started with integrated course design: identifying goals and evidence of learning; designing assignments

Part Two (2 hours): Backward course design, continued: designing classroom activities; identifying best practices in collaborative teaching and mentorship

Part Three (2 hours): An overview of syllabus design and key campus resources

Symposium participants will reconvene for a two-hour syllabus workshop in late August and (again, if public health protocols allow) observations of one another’s courses during the teaching semester.

To apply for the program, teaching teams should submit a proposal of 250 words, attaching a draft syllabus, that identifies their course’s goals; briefly describes how the course fits into the department’s curriculum, and describes what they hope to accomplish through their participation in this pilot program. Successful teaching teams will receive funding to participate in the program.

Applicants may address questions to Kate Stanton, Associate Dean and Director of the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning.