Learning Support Resources

ODOC Learning Support Resources for Spring 2021

ODOC units have partnered to create a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, alphabetical list of learning support programs and resources available for undergraduate students this term. Additional resources and programming may be added throughout the semester, so be sure to check program webpages (linked to below) or reach out to program staff. Descriptions of services, availability, sign up and other information can be found on specific webpages. Additional department and course-specific resources may also be available; check course websites for more information.

Health Professions Advising

  • All events posted to newsletter, Facebook and website
  • Individual drop-in and scheduled appointments available via Calendly
  • Will continue Aspiring Docs convo group for first in families to pursue health professions

McGraw Center Undergraduate Learning Program

Office of Undergraduate Research

Princeton University Library

Princeton Writing Center

Residential College Peer Academic Advising Program (read program description)

Residential College Peer Tutoring (for some introductory courses for which McGraw and/or departments do not offer tutoring)

  • Peer tutors available virtually, students should speak with their residential college Dean or Director of Studies

Residential College Support for Senior Thesis Advising

  • Goal-booster: Sign-up
  • Accountability Team Support
  • Sign up at this link Senior Thesis Boot Camp
  • Thesis Fridays, Zoom Room writing sessions hosted by the six residential colleges
  • Students should also reach out to their residential college deans with any concerns

SIFP (Programs for Access and Inclusion)

  • GRE and LSAT
  • SIFP Study Sessions/Study Halls (both student-sponsored and in collaboration with our partners in the Library)
  • Faculty Fridays (chats and workshops)
  • 1:1’s with SIFP Staff and Faculty Fellows
  • Peer Mentor Groups
  • SIFP-specific precepts in classes such as Gen CHM and ORGO
  • Independent work writing/research support
  • Programming through SIFP’s Discord server (various channels connecting with partners in offices across campus)
  • Senior Accountability group (being developed)

    PDF icon learning-support-summary-sheet-spring-2021.pdf  -- For additional Resources, Handouts, and Advice visit McGraw's Learning Library.