Johannes Wankhammer

Keeping Students Motivated and Engaged

Image of Johannes WankhammerEngage virtual space as a sui generis reality. In foreign language departments, for instance, consider projects in which students research or participate in websites, wikis, blogs (etc.) in the foreign language; directly follow performances of plays, operas, art events (etc.), many of which have moved online during the pandemic; or even begin exchanges/collaborate with students from foreign universities that are also restricted to online instruction. In virtual space, other parts of the world are just around the corner!

– Johannes Wankhammer, German, Faculty Member

Other Ideas For Keeping Students Motivated And Engaged

  • Meet with students individually if you have the time. Personal connection is important when everything is remote. 
  • Switch back and forth between listening and active learning, or among presentational options: “teacher-fronted,” “share screen,” note-taking in chat, Breakout Rooms. This helps maintain engagement.
  • Engage a variety of activities, so that students are doing new tasks each week. 
  • Give students an activity that allows them to turn off the camera for a short bit of time (i.e. pose a question and give students a few minutes to find relevant quotations). 
  • Engage with virtual space: consider projects in which students follow performances, plays, or operas, many of which have moved online during the pandemic.