Zoom at Princeton

Zoom is a conferencing tool available to all Princeton users. Instructors can use Zoom to conduct live sessions or to record and post lectures. 

    How to access the Zoom website:  You can log into the Zoom website by using your Princeton credentials. The following article describes Accessing and Using Zoom.  

    How to access Zoom in Canvas: Zoom is available in the left hand navigation bar in all Canvas courses. This page in our Field Guide to Canvas describes how to schedule Zoom meetings in Canvas. We also have a set of video tutorials to guide you through some common processes involved in teaching with Zoom

    Recording and uploading lectures with Zoom: If you use Zoom to produce course videos and record them to the cloud, they will automatically be added to a tool called Panopto. From here, they can be easily shared with your students in Canvas. The following page on our Field Guide to Canvas contains instructions for how to import videos to Panopto

    Support: Contact OIT"s Support and Operations Center  at 609-258-HELP or by submitting a ticket in ServiceNow.

    Zoom in Canvas

    How to access Zoom in Canvas: Zoom is included in the lefthand navigation menu in all Canvas courses. This article has Tips for Scheduling Zoom Meetings in Canvas.

    Using Panopto to share Zoom recordings in Canvas: Panopto is included in all Canvas courses and can be used to conveniently share Zoom recordings with your students. All class meetings recorded to Zoom cloud will automatically be copied to the "Meeting Recordings" folder in Panopto. The "Meeting Recordings" folder is private to you, but allows you to easily share the recording with your class.  See How to use Panopto to Import Your Zoom Recordings and How to Share Videos with Students in Panopto.

    Interactive Features in Zoom

    A tabular list of Zoom interactive features and where you might use them.

    Zoom Best Practices

    Best practices to encourage different forms of student engagement and participation.

    Zoom Tutorials and Resources

    Articles, video tutorials, and summaries on Zoom.