Polling App Comparison Chart

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Poll Everywhere

iClicker Cloud/Reef

Link to site

Go to https://www.mentimeter.com/join/princeton 

Go to https://www.polleverywhere.com/

Go to https://www.iclicker.com/instructors/software/iclicker-cloud/

Brief description 

Interactive polling tool with multiple question types and visualization options. 

Students respond by entering in a unique code at menti.com 


Real-time polls with a number of different response options: multiple choice, word cloud, Q&A, open ended, rank order, clickable image, or survey.

Students can respond using a range of digital devices and platforms.

iClicker Cloud, and its smartphone app Reef, is a polling platform that accepts student responses from the iClicker Reef website, mobile app or traditional hand-held remote-style clickers. Can be used in-person or remotely.

Can be used for attendance or to administer multiple choice, short answer, numeric, and image-based polling sessions during class. 

Primary use cases for teaching
  • For informal ice-breakers, to gauge student comprehension, to solicit open-ended feedback and create interactivity during lecture 
  • Can be used asynchronously to poll students before or after a class meeting or synchronously during a live Zoom session
  • To assess the understanding of course concepts 
  • To challenge perceptions or misconceptions 
  • To conduct live classroom quizzes and exams 
  • To set up open-ended polls allowing students to type in questions 
  • Take attendance, ice-breaker, gather feedback, gauge student understanding of lecture materials.
Unique features 
  • Can be used for informal quiz competitions with leaderboards
  • Mentimeter accounts are available for all authenticated  Princeton users
  • Anyone with a unique join code can respond to Mentimeter polls for free
  • International phone numbers
  • Competitions
  • Live moderation
  • Q&A polls with upvoting and downvoting

This is a feature comparison of Poll Everywhere, Mentimeter and Slido. 

  • Questions are presented to the audience directly in the presentation software (Powerpoint, Keynote, etc), rather than in the polling software. 
  • iClicker cloud uses desktop software to display poll results and to initiate polling sessions.
  • Can integrate with the older, physical iClicker system.
Potential downsides

It is clunky to import a PowerPoint presentation into Mentimeter (it creates an image of each slide which prevents further edits).

Student responses are anonymous unless you explicitly ask for their name.

Pricing levels vary significantly- unclear what can be achieved with which package. Free version for higher ed does not allow you to import and group participants.

While the iClicker Cloud software is available to instructors for free, students must purchase the Reef smartphone app or use the Reef website to respond to polls.

The iClicker Cloud software is only available for Windows and Mac. No Linux version has been made available.

Pricing information

Free for Princeton 

Different pricing plans as outlined here

iClicker Cloud software is free for instructors. Students must purchase a ‘Reef’ account which allows them to respond through the Reef web application or smartphone app

Security & accessibility review status

Reviewed by OIT’s Architecture and Security board on 2/10/20

Documentation gathered, not reviewed

Not reviewed