Why Swipe In?

The McGraw Center’s Undergraduate Learning Program tracks student usage of its services (e.g. workshops, tutoring, learning consultations) so that we can accurately report to the Dean of the College and others how many students use our services and for how long—but not who uses them. The card reader devices that are used for these purposes collect only the student’s name and student ID#. This information is crucial if we are to ensure sufficient resources—funding, staffing, and space—are made available to us in order to continue to offer effective services that meet Princeton students’ needs.

Information about individual students is confidential. McGraw Center swipe-in data is used in much the same way as other data (e.g. surveys) collected by the University. We track attendance primarily to quantify usage of our services, and in turn, to assess those services. When swipe-in data is used for other purposes (e.g. reports), individual student identities are not included. Thus, individual users' identities are confidential, they are never reported to, for instance, course heads. Individuals may opt out of swiping in and still use McGraw services, but they must tell McGraw staff they are doing so and be prepared to provide their name and netID in writing solely for the purpose of making accurate counts.

All data will be managed in accordance with the University Information Security Policy and forthcoming Privacy Policy, as well as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which is documented in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about using McGraw's swipe system. Select the question to see a sample answer.

Q: Why should I swipe?

A: When you swipe your TigerCard it helps the McGraw Center to better understand how to support students.

We can:
•See how frequently students use academic support services.
•Tie usage of campus services to student success outcomes, like four-year degree attainment.
•Figure out better ways to deliver campus-wide student services.

Q: Do I have to swipe?

A:  No. Swiping is voluntary. No one will be denied access to a service if they decline to swipe (or to provide their student ID).

Q. I don't have a TigerCard. What can I do?

If you have not yet been issued a TigerCard, or you do not have it with you, you may either type in your student ID, or tell it to the staff member capturing the swipes. If you do not know your student ID you can still access the service.

Q: I am not an undergraduate, but I do have an TigerCard. Do I have to swipe?

A: If you are faculty or staff the swipe will be not be recorded as the swipe card system collects information about undergraduates. If the system does not recognize you as a student you may still access the service. If in doubt, please swipe. The swipe card system is not intended to be an access control system.

If your question is not answered here please email us at mcgraw@princeton.edu