Get the Most Out of Your Study Time

Make a study plan based upon your own habits and proclivities:

  • What time do you study best?
  • Do you work better by focusing on one subject or task for a long period of time or switching back and forth?
  • How long can you concentrate before you need a break?
  • Is it more helpful for you to have a detailed plan or a more unstructured one? Try to have a clear goal for each study session, since it helps keep you focused on what you need to get done.

Find a good place to study:

  • Do you work better in complete silence or with some noise around you? If noise, what kind of noise (talking, music, TV, white noise, etc.)?
  • Are you more productive surrounded by people or by yourself? Do you need your own space or a more neutral one?
  • What materials do you need to have access to? Do you really need to be near a computer, or is it mainly a distraction?
  • Will you be physically comfortable in the location you’ve chosen? Will you be too comfortable and fall asleep?
  • Will you have enough light?
  • Will you have enough space to spread out comfortably?

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