Thursday, Feb 5, 2015
Students in Urban Studies 202 used the facilities available in the McGraw Center’s New Media Lab to make short documentaries on the topic of “Work” and how jobs and employment shape the city of Trenton.
Tuesday, Feb 3, 2015
Robert Pringle, Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, invites his class in "Ecology: Species, Interactions, Biodiversity and Society" to create multimedia assignments to fulfill part of their laboratory requirement. With the help of the instructional staff at the McGraw Center's New Media Center, students produced short videos...
Thursday, Jan 29, 2015
Each term poses new challenges and offers new opportunities to undergraduates at Princeton. Take advantage of our many resources for developing effective study habits, honing your learning skills, and managing your time.
Tuesday, Dec 2, 2014
The Faculty Council on Teaching and Learning works to develop recommendations for setting strategic priorities and guiding Princeton's approach to online instruction.
Sunday, Nov 2, 2014
You spent a lot of time preparing for your midterm exams. Learn everything you can from the experience, regardless of how well they went.
Saturday, Oct 25, 2014
After a long summer of construction, Frist 330 is available for use as a teaching lab featuring the latest in instructional technology.
Saturday, Oct 25, 2014
Join us to explore how an emerging online activity – Telecollaboration (also known as Virtual Exchange or Online Intercultural Exchange) – enables university educators across the disciplines to engage their students in intercultural, project-based learning with partner classes in other countries.
Thursday, Aug 14, 2014
The English Language Program at the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning offers opportunities for international graduate students and post docs to continue to improve their oral English. ELP instructors can help you feel more comfortable communicating and teaching in English.
Thursday, Jul 31, 2014
Princeton University will broaden its online teaching and learning efforts this fall, using new approaches and technologies including the NovoEd platform to enable students on campus to collaborate with others taking a class remotely.
Friday, Jun 13, 2014
Princeton's newest online offering, taught by Miguel Centeno, Professor of Sociology, explores war as an expression of our basest animal nature and a formative historical and sociological experience. Paradoxically, war is revealed to be a natural expression of common human emotions, a constitutive element in the formation of groups, and an...