Friday, Feb 26, 2016
Five faculty members and Dean of the College Jill Dolan come together to discuss the possibilities for learning offered by courses with service components.
Sunday, Feb 21, 2016
A puzzle metaphor is useful when describing strategies for achieving the "deep learning" that Princeton courses require.
Monday, Feb 1, 2016
McGraw’s annual spring orientation for first-time graduate student teachers at Princeton took place on Thursday, January 28th and Friday, January 29.
Sunday, Jan 31, 2016
Take advantage of our many resources for developing effective study strategies, honing your learning skills and optimizing your time.
Thursday, Jan 14, 2016
Professor Maria Garlock illustrates the creative, aesthetic and social dimensions of bridge-building in the "Art of Structural Engineering".
Saturday, Jan 2, 2016

The CTL, comprised of eight faculty members and four administrators, works closely with the leadership of the Office of the Dean of the College and the McGraw Center to identify teaching and learning matters requiring extended consideration.

Tuesday, Dec 29, 2015
The UAF program, a new initiative of the Graduate School, provides graduate students an opportunity to round out their professional development by gaining experience in the administrative side of higher education.
Tuesday, Oct 20, 2015
Jennifer Widner, Professor of Politics and International Affairs and Director of Innovations for Successful Societies, leads "Making Government Work in Hard Places".
Sunday, Oct 18, 2015
A course can be thought of as a container or "box" of information designed by a professor as a coherent, but often complex and nuanced, picture. Students learn deeply when they re-assemble this information and construct their own understanding.
Sunday, Oct 18, 2015

On October 3rd, 65 students joined forces for Hackademics Fall15 to help launch Principedia, Princeton's one-of-kind learning and advising resources. Students wrote and submitted course analyses articles to be posted, Wikipedia-style, to the interactive site.