What can I do now to prepare for finals to make them less stressful and more successful?

Nov. 13, 2023

Preparing for (often) cumulative final exams is an ongoing process throughout the term. At this juncture in the semester, you can anticipate your future studying and practice for finals by taking doable steps that will not only be beneficial now but will be very helpful during finals period. Creating a plan for incorporating organizational and study strategies on a weekly basis, getting started on projects, and identifying and focusing on the most important course content/materials can reduce the demands caused by the bottleneck of final projects and papers coupled with preparing final exams. Plan now to attend a workshop on reading and finals period planning, make an appointment to meet with an academic life & learning consultant to calendar big projects and milestones to achieving them, and use McGraw resources, such as this advice on how to begin preparing for finals at this point in the semester. Deciding what to study and how for each course and starting to create a study guide or other study tool as the course unfolds (not waiting until finals period) will increase your sense of control and confidence, reduce future stress, and contribute to your success on final papers, projects, and exams.