Welcome to Princeton Class of 2023!

Wednesday, Sep 4, 2019

Welcome, Class of 2023, to Princeton – and welcome to The McGraw Center! Our goal is to help you take full advantage of the academic opportunities and resources available at Princeton while also maintaining balance and taking care of yourselves. We think hard about what is new and unfamiliar to students as they transition to the Princeton curriculum, and we offer advice and programming that will help you master challenges and achieve success so that you truly THRIVE here.   

In this new intellectual environment, with new expectations, demands, and ways of doing things you may sometimes find yourself wondering, "How do I..."

How do I manage my time effectively?

How do I handle these big reading loads?

How do I keep up with the fast pace of my classes?

How do I tackle problem sets and other assignments efficiently?

How am I expected to participate in precepts?

We pride ourselves on breaking down these new expectations for you and guiding you toward new strategies and techniques to help you answer these questions. At McGraw you will receive personalized, Princeton-specific advice on methods of learning, time and task management, overcoming procrastination, and tackling assignments, among other things.

 We offer a number of effective, cost-free services to all students:

Check out this comic to learn more about all that we offer and why you might want to use our services and watch this short video to see how valuable a learning consultation can be for you.

The McGraw Center had nearly 10,000 visits from Princeton undergrads last year and well over half of the class of 2022 came through our doors to work with tutors and learning consultants and attend workshops. Your fellow students said this about their experiences with McGraw resources:

  • "Our learning consultation was super helpful, informative, and fun.  I'm sure what I learned will help me not only this semester, but also for a long time from now."         
  • "Not only did I learn some extremely effective strategies which I am already using, I also found it very helpful to be able to talk and brainstorm freely."
  • "This workshop makes you much more self-aware--the reason you procrastinate is not always what you think."
  • “Our consultation was an essential part of preparing the scientific research poster for my Junior Independent Work. The consultation helped me to organize the many parts of the project and to articulate my thoughts both visually and verbally.”