We Will Meet This Challenge Together

Saturday, Mar 21, 2020

These are extraordinary times, times that will challenge us to work together, to seek support, to offer support. The McGraw Center is here to help those of you off campus and those on campus, and first years through seniors, to adapt to the new and unfamiliar ways you are being taught and the expectations and demands that go with the changes to so many aspects of academic life. We want to reassure you that we intend to face these challenging circumstances with a spirit of camaraderie, resourcefulness, and resilience, and to tackle difficulties as they arise creatively and strategically.

We believe that helping you work collaboratively with peers and enhancing your learning skills and strategies will minimize stress and help you meet your academic challenges. This can be helpful not only academically but also in managing stress in other parts of your life.We’re glad we are able to continue offering our services and we look forward to working with you.