Spring Undergraduate Programs Help You Start the Term on the Right Track

Tuesday, Feb 4, 2014

Let McGraw help you to start the new semester on the right track.  These programs are available to all undergraduates:

(1) Organizing Your Semester. We’ve developed a handout which collects some useful reminders—and innovative strategies—for making the most of the first week of the term and beyond, but it will be more effective if you apply the strategies in our hands-on workshop.

(2) A new series, “Upgrade: Getting More out of Science and Engineering Courses” will introduce the key components of science courses, break down what Princeton professors expect, introduce targeted strategies and guide you to apply them to your own courses. We’ve scheduled the series so that you can enhance these valuable skills in the first couple weeks and apply them throughout the term to make the most of your courses—and your time.

(3) McGraw also offers a series of workshops designed to introduce students to innovative strategies for mastering Princeton’s academic challenges. If time management or procrastination are keeping you from reaching your goals, then you'll want to attend one of our workshops on efficient learning, studying, reading and exam prep, and that old chestnut -- overcoming procrastination.

(4)  Finally, you may wish to consider meeting one-to-one with a learning consultant. Especially useful when you are taking a course in which you have little background from high school (e.g. anthropology) or a course outside your concentration, you can develop with your consultant a course-specific set of strategies that also matches your profile as a learner. If you are taking a particularly heavy course load or are facing a new task (e.g. a JP or senior thesis), your consultant can create with you a personalized plan of attack. Once you’ve got a doable plan in place, you can return any time during the term to check in, make improvements or troubleshoot obstacles.