Princeton Expands its Online Course Offerings Through Kadenze

Wednesday, Jul 1, 2015

Princeton is among the first institutions to utilize Kadenze, which launched June 16. Kadenze offers a range of interactive courses with unique capabilities tailored to the arts, including media–rich lessons and algorithms to analyze and measure students' performance and progress. The courses are open to learners worldwide.

"The Prepared Digital Piano is an instrument I've been creating over the last couple of years, in tandem with a host of composition projects including the Nostalgic Synchronic Etudes, a set of eight pieces for the new instrument," Trueman said.

"This course will explore this instrument and the music, though it will also delve into how and why we might build instruments like these, using the history of the piano and its music as an initial model, but also the flexibility of software as a new space for instrument building and composition," he said.