Congratulations to Dominic (Nic) Voge on publication of new book!

Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018

It’s with great excitement that the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning announces an important publication by Dominic (Nic) Voge, Senior Associate Director of the Learning Program. Life Beyond Grades: Designing College Courses to Promote Intrinsic Motivation, co-authored with Martin V. Covington and Linda M. von Hoene and published by Cambridge University Press, this book takes on the thorny problem of the compatibility of intrinsic motivation with an educational context that uses grades as the final measure of achievement.

The book outlines the application of “a powerful set of motivational and pedagogical principles to lay out a step-by-step blueprint for designing and teaching college courses that promote intrinsic motivation as a primary educational goal in its own right.”

Since his arrival at Princeton in 2009, Nic has overseen an important expansion and transformation in the resources Princeton students have available to them.  In addition to integrating individual tutoring for introductory STEM courses into the McGraw Frist Study Halls, Nic has developed a slate of enormously popular workshops that de-mystify Princeton’s “hidden curriculum.”

These workshops provide a framework that allows students to understand the new and different demands placed on them in the Princeton classroom, and helps them develop strategies that take into account their personal strengths and learning goals.

With the publication of Life Beyond Grades, Nic makes a contribution to the larger national conversation around how to best motivate and assess college learners.