The Classroom After the Election

Monday, Nov 21, 2016
by wandas

The recent election has elicited many reactions, some of which may find their way into the classroom. Any faculty member or department interested in having a conversation about how to manage post-election conversations is welcome to contact the McGraw Center to discuss specific situations and the impact of the election on classroom dynamics. 

Even if you do not plan on having or want to have an extended conversation about the election in your classroom, it is meaningful to acknowledge the range of emotions and reactions that students may have, and how the strength of these reactions can make it difficult to focus. Acknowledging the difficulties students are having makes a real difference in their ability to turn their attention back to the class discussion or lecture. Many offices and centers are creating spaces for conversation and support; direct your students to the Office of Religious Life, the Carl Fields Center, the LGBT Center, the Women's Center, or their residential college staff. 

You can find more inclusive teaching strategies on the McGraw Center website.