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Congratulations to McGraw's Graduates of the Great Class of 2023!
May 22, 2023

You’ve contributed so much to McGraw and to your fellow students—you will be missed!

Best of luck on your next chapter,
from the McGraw Center

Class of 2023 Learning Consultants

Jelmer N. Bennema
Adrienne Chang
Nelson Chow
Bhoomika Chowdhary
Anushka Dheer
Hannah R…

Faculty members honored for excellence in mentoring graduate students
May 19, 2023

Four Princeton University faculty members have been named recipients of the Graduate Mentoring Awards by the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning and the Graduate School and will be honored during the 

McGraw Finals Prep Packet
May 8, 2023

Final exam period is a crucial time for students. Not only may large portions of your grade be allotted to exams, this is also a time when a lot of studying and learning can happen. It’s also a physically and mentally demanding time in which pressures to perform can make students feel they must go all in on academics and sacrifice well-being.

In fact, you’ll learn more and perform to the best of your ability if you take care of your physical and psychological needs during reading period and finals. Being more purposeful, strategic, and efficient in your approach to learning and studying can help you carve out time for exercise, relaxation, sleep and doing other things that rejuvenate you—even if you may do them a bit less for a week or so. To that end, McGraw has assembled some resources to support you during this busy time.

Call for Proposals: Inclusive Pedagogy Grants
April 4, 2023

The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning invites proposals from faculty for Inclusive Pedagogy Grants. These grants support the revision of an element of a course you will offer in AY 2023-24 to more strongly reflect equitable and inclusive teaching practices.

AI and the Classroom
April 4, 2023

Expanding on the recent memo on ChatGPT and teaching, this resource offers additional suggestions for navigating AI/ChatGPT.

Responding in Class to a Student’s Death
April 4, 2023

The death of a student is deeply distressing for the members of a campus community.

Is it time for a post-midterm re-set?
March 24, 2023

Turn what you learned from your midterms into a plan for the second half of the semester.

Every Semester Needs A Plan: Make One With A McGraw Consultant
Feb. 1, 2023

Meet 1-to-1 with a trained McGraw Learning Consultant in a 30-60 minute session. Plan out your semester, talk through questions, strategize for specific courses, learn about McGraw and other resources or ask about any topic you want. Build your skills and build your confidence.

Profiles in Generosity - Call for Nominations
Nov. 22, 2022

Has a fellow student contributed to your learning simply out of kindness and generosity? Has a classmate, study group partner, friend or peer generously helped you understand or learn something simply out of a desire to be of assistance? Has a fellow student’s assistance or contribution enhanced your educational experience? This is your opportunity to express your thanks.

Call for Proposals - 250th Fund for Innovation in Undergraduate Education
Nov. 22, 2022

The purpose of the 250th Anniversary Fund for Innovation in Undergraduate Education is to incent and support innovation in undergraduate teaching and learning at Princeton. With the endorsement of their department or program, faculty members may submit proposals for the creation of new courses or the enhancement and redesign of existing courses in any subject at any level.