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Common Academic Challenges AND Solutions
Sept. 18, 2023

At the McGraw Center, we work hard to identify and analyze the new and unfamiliar academic expectations and demands students encounter in their coursework and independent work at Princeton. With this understanding, we develop and design our programs (tutoring,…

Undergraduate prizes awarded to seven students for academic achievement
Sept. 5, 2023

This year’s George B. Wood Legacy Sophomore Prize is shared by Dylan Epstein-Gross and Ella Harris.  Dylan is a math tutor with the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning

Formerly incarcerated students dive into engineering research
Aug. 28, 2023

Before his internship at Princeton University this summer, Wali Palmer knew lasers as highly focused beams of light. But his research experience at Princeton opened Palmer’s eyes to laser-based devices that could detect disease, perform surgeries and sense dangerous gases — and put him on a path toward designing them.

Welcome to the McGraw Center Class of 2027!
Aug. 28, 2023

We at the McGraw Center invite you to learn more about our mission of promoting your academic flourishing, our services, like academic coaching,

Syllabus Resources for Faculty
Aug. 21, 2023

A syllabus is many things: a contract between you and your students, a conceptual map of your course, and an artifact documenting your teaching practice. Your syllabus provides an opportunity for you to communicate to your students course and University-level policies, set your…

Ten faculty members receive the Inclusive Pedagogy Grants
June 7, 2023

These grants invite faculty to revise an element of a course to more strongly reflect equitable and inclusive teaching practices.

Congratulations to McGraw's Graduates of the Great Class of 2023!
May 22, 2023

You’ve contributed so much to McGraw and to your fellow students—you will be missed!

Best of luck on your next chapter,
from the McGraw Center

Class of 2023 Learning Consultants

Jelmer N. Bennema
Adrienne Chang
Nelson Chow
Bhoomika Chowdhary
Anushka Dheer
Hannah R…

Faculty members honored for excellence in mentoring graduate students
May 19, 2023

Four Princeton University faculty members have been named recipients of the Graduate Mentoring Awards by the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning and the Graduate School and will be honored during the 

McGraw Finals Prep Packet
May 8, 2023

Final exam period is a crucial time for students. Not only may large portions of your grade be allotted to exams, this is also a time when a lot of studying and learning can happen. It’s also a physically and mentally demanding time in which pressures to perform can make students feel they must go all in on academics and sacrifice well-being.

In fact, you’ll learn more and perform to the best of your ability if you take care of your physical and psychological needs during reading period and finals. Being more purposeful, strategic, and efficient in your approach to learning and studying can help you carve out time for exercise, relaxation, sleep and doing other things that rejuvenate you—even if you may do them a bit less for a week or so. To that end, McGraw has assembled some resources to support you during this busy time.