Learning Support Network

Learning support network for undergraduates

The Learning Support Network represents in a bubble map the variety of different support resources available at Princeton for any given course. In the center is the course node, and coming off of it are different satellite nodes depicting different units and departments on campus that may offer learning support for the course in question, including the following.

  • The McGraw Center offers: individual and group tutoring in quantitative problem-solving courses, individualized academic coaching in the form of learning consultations, timely small group workshops on learning strategies for various academic demands (e.g. reading, time management, exam preparation, etc.), and Principedia and other online resources to help students meet Princeton’ academic challenges and to thrive.
  • In the course, itself: office hours offered by the professor and preceptors, exam review sessions, online resources such as Piazza.
  • In the residential colleges: meetings with your Dean, Director of Studies and faculty advisor, and individual tutoring.
  • The Center for Language Study offers tutoring in some courses.
  • The Library offers various learning support services and resources for courses.
  • The Scholars Institute Fellows Program offers various learning support services and resources for first generation, low-income students.
  • The Office of Undergraduate Research offers various learning support services and resources for students planning to and engaging in research.
  • The Writing Center offers individualized writing conferences and small group workshops.
  • Specific Academic departments may offer tutoring and other programs, services and resources in support of courses.


PDF iconlearning-support-network.pdf - For additional Resources, Handouts, and Advice visit McGraw's Learning Library.