Call for Online Teaching Projects

The McGraw Center welcomes proposals from faculty for a wide range of online course projects with the potential to enhance teaching and learning for a diverse student population at Princeton. We especially encourage proposals that implement the key recommendations of the University’s Strategic Review of Online Education which has been endorsed by President Eisgruber and Provost Lee in their statement. These include:  promoting access and retention across the curriculum, especially in STEM courses, faculty and department-wide projects such as small private online courses to support their curricula, and research and dissemination of effective practices in online and blended learning.

Examples of Supported Projects:

  • Video lectures and interactive learning modules to support flipped classes
  • Blended classes that extend and amplify classroom activity in interactive online environments
  • Self-paced online learning modules that expand access to gateway courses
  • Open courses that bring diverse global perspectives into Princeton courses while sharing access to high-quality education
  • Research on online learning, or investigations of new modes of assessment using online tools

Project Proposals are not intended for:

  • The production of video lectures which would be posted online as supplementary course materials or to substitute for missed classes (the Broadcast Center offers this service)
  • The creation of open online courses without plans for learning activities or assessment 

For approved projects, the McGraw Center online group will provide resources and guidance on: 

  • Video production and editing
  • Online course site design and implementation
  • Planning structured activities for the flipped or blended classroom
  • Delivery and scheduling of course materials with Princeton’s online learning platform partners 

The McGraw Center requests proposals from faculty members for online teaching projects that will require at least a month’s work. Successful McGraw projects may include up to 3 years of course modifications and related support. Substantial revisions or additional sessions of MOOCs may require new project proposals, including a plan for instructional assistance. Requests for new course sessions and revisions must be scheduled at least one semester in advance of launch dates in order to be completed on time. Faculty should contact McGraw staff for more details about revisions and new offerings of online courses and follow-up support.

Faculty with self-produced projects should also contact the McGraw Center to deliver their course sites through the University’s online learning platform partners (e.g. Coursera, edX, Kadenze, or NovoEd). 

If you have questions about applying for an online course project or teaching online, contact Kate Stanton, Acting Director of the McGraw Center, or Mona Fixdal, Associate Director for Online Education.