Special Call for Proposals - Methods Courses

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We are pleased to continue the Methods Courses initiative, supported by the 250th Anniversary Fund for Innovation in Undergraduate Education. The initiative provides the opportunity for a small cohort of faculty to learn from one another and with colleagues in the Office of the Dean of the College (ODOC) to create dynamic, transformative methods courses that bridge the foundational curriculum of the Princeton Writing Program to prepare students for successful independent work in their junior and senior years.


Faculty who are developing or significantly revising methods courses offered in the fall of the junior year as part of a department’s junior independent work sequence are eligible to apply. Also eligible are faculty who are developing or significantly revising courses for sophomores or seniors that train students in the scholarly methods of their field. This includes courses that require students to develop or refine discipline-specific skills of analysis and/or engage in significant original research.

Applicants should plan to offer the new or revised course in AY 2024-2025. Their department should plan to offer the course regularly as part of its permanent curriculum.


Participants in this initiative engage in exploratory conversations with fellow faculty and ODOC staff during spring 2024; participate in a two-day course development symposium emphasizing active, writing-centered pedagogy in late spring or early summer and in a syllabus workshop in late August; and gather for informal
meetings to discuss teaching-in-progress. The symposium will emphasize active, writing-centered pedagogy.

In the spirit of exchanging ideas about teaching, participants will observe one session of a writing seminar in spring 2024 and, in AY 2024-2025, visit one of their colleague’s methods courses and open their own methods course for peer observation. Participants also post course materials to a shared Canvas site.

Participating faculty will receive a summer salary stipend on completion of their participation in the symposium in late spring/early summer.


Please include the following:

  • A proposal (~500 words) which describes the new (or reimagined) course’s goals; how it prepares students for research and writing in the field; and what you hope to contribute to and learn from your participation in the initiative.
  • A letter of support from your department chair that confirms the course has the department’s support and describes its place in the department’s curriculum.

Submit applications via Google Form by Friday, March 1, 2024.

Questions? You are welcome to contact Kate Stanton, Director of the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, or Amanda Irwin Wilkins, Director of the Princeton Writing Program.