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The McGraw Center's Educational and Classroom Technologies group explores the potential of the technology-enhanced classroom as active learning space. Spaces such as the Digital Learning Lab in 130 Lewis Science Library and 330 Frist showcase new technologies for teaching and learning and are outfitted to support the use of new media and technology in practice.

McGraw's Digital Learning Lab newly renovated

McGraw Digital Learning Lab

The McGraw Center’s Digital Learning Lab (DLL) is a technology-rich teaching and learning space in the Lewis Science Library that supports the use of and critical reflection upon digital tools and resources in Princeton coursework. With an experienced staff and community of students, the DLL serves as a flexible space for interdisciplinary dialogues around digital pedagogy, or teaching and learning with technology. The DLL actively supports courses with unconventional formats, innovative course assignments, and/or co-curricular digital learning components, such as podcasting,  video production, and other digital projects. 

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Frist 330

Frist 330: The McGraw Center Teaching Lab

The McGraw Center's active learning space in 330 Frist Campus Center offers a place in which faculty and instructional staff can explore the latest in instructional technology. The room is host to many McGraw Center events and workshops, such as the annual new faculty orientation, undergraduate tutoring, and AI training. It can also be booked for the occasional experiment in teaching by faculty who wish to learn more about innovations in educational technologies. The room is equipped with digital whiteboards, wireless projection, writable walls, and four points of projection. For more information, contact [email protected]

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