Resources for Graduate Students

The Scholar as Teacher: Tip-Sheet Series

The McGraw Center offers a series of teaching tips for instructors throughout the academic year. This series addresses perennial teaching concerns, such as how to engage a large lecture class and what to do when class discussion stalls, as well as tips on advising independent work and mentoring graduate students. Our latest set of tip-sheets provides guidance on flipping a class.

Mid-Semester Course Evaluations

More and more faculty are finding mid-semester evaluations a valuable resource for their teaching. We at the McGraw Center would like to invite you to try this practice, if you’re not already doing so. Unlike the evaluations completed at the conclusion of a course, feedback from students midway through the semester provides information that can lead to mid-course adjustments, yielding a better experience for both instructors and students. For example, one Princeton instructor recently discovered that his students wanted more challenging problem sets than he had anticipated.

Professional Development

 My Professional Development Portfolio

  • Participation in McGraw pedagogy programs is recorded and a portfolio of participation available online through the My Professional Development Portfolio link, also accessible as a professional development pull-down menu from TigerHub.