Learning Mentoring

A major component of many careers - both within and beyond the academy - is mentoring trainees, yet graduate students, postdocs, and even faculty often don't have formal opportunities to develop mentoring expertise. Since mentoring profoundly affects the well-being of individuals and teams, as well as scientific productivity and success, we welcome you to our 8-session virtual course on effective mentoring open to all STEM grad students, postdocs, and interested faculty. 

While there is no magic formula, there are evidence-based "best practices" for intentional and inclusive mentoring, as well as field-tested ways to develop a reflective and inclusive personal style. In the course, we'll explore these and offer ample time to develop your skills in a supportive and collaborative community of peers.

Learning Mentoring is being offered this Spring '24 term, and we'll meet on 8 consecutive Tuesday mornings from 10-11am, beginning on March 19th.

To learn more, register for this Spring's cohort, or express interest in participating in the future, please go to this Interest Form 

Learning Objectives

  • Informed by current literature and evidence-based practices, you will develop your own conceptual framework for and approach to mentoring, as well as a draft statement of mentoring philosophy.
  • You will develop, through ongoing practice, increased competence and self-efficacy regarding mentoring interactions and techniques.
  • You will also practice mentoring with access, diversity, and inclusion principles in mind.