Schedule a Graduate Student Academic Consultation

What is academic coaching?

Coaching is a strengths-based, voluntary, individualized developmental process that

  • Builds a person’s capability to realize his/her/their potential
  • Achieve short- and long-term learning, personal, and professional goals, and
  • Experience thriving across multiple domains both within and beyond the academy

It is conducted through 1:1 interactions, and based on mutual trust and respect.
Coach and "coachee" work as partners over time, with the coachee setting the agenda and the coach acting as a “thinking partner.”

The over-arching goal is to co-create awareness, knowledge, strategies, and action to promote learning and thriving, with "thriving" defined subjectively by the coachee.

In our program, you can choose to meet with a McGraw staff person or with a graduate peer coach.  You are also welcome to meet with us once to discuss a specific issue, or you can take advantage of a series of sessions over time.  All sessions are currently offered virtually via Zoom, they are approximately 50 minutes in length, and they are confidential and free of charge.

If you would like to schedule a coaching consultation, please email Dr. Laura Murray directly here: