Graduate Student and Postdoc Scholarly Success

UPDATES in response to COVID-19

Given the reality of COVID-19 and this unprecedented historical moment, we wanted to let you know that the McGraw Center will continue do our best to support your scholarship, teaching, and thriving as Princeton graduate students. 

Please return to this page for frequent updates over the next few weeks regarding relevant programming, virtual offerings, and more.

Be well and take care.

McGraw Center’s Graduate Student Scholarly Success Program, consisting of individual consultations and workshops, will modify its offerings by moving them online. Upcoming Spring 2020 Thriving in the Academy workshops will be conducted virtually, with more information posted as soon as possible regarding topics, dates, and times here.

In addition, you can make an appointment for an individual and confidential virtual learning consultation here. Skype, Zoom, Facetime, and/or traditional telephone conversations are all welcome.

If you have questions or concerns about the McGraw Center’s resources and academic support for graduate students and postdocs during this time, please email Dr. Laura Murray directly at  We recommend that all questions be directed via email as we may not be available for a phone call or physically in the office.  We anticipate we will be able to respond to  all inquiries within 2 work days.

Updates to this page with more details will be posted on a regular basis. (Updated 3/12/20)

The demands of graduate school are diverse and require adaptation of familiar approaches and strategies. No matter what stage of your graduate studies, as you encounter new expectations and demands, meeting individually with a consultant can increase your effectiveness and efficiency. Trained professional staff and advanced PhD students from a variety of disciplines can collaborate with you to develop an individualized approach to graduate school that draws upon your unique profile of strengths and is tailored to the specific demands of your research, courses, teaching, and life.

Graduate Student and Postdoc Academic Consultations

Consultations are focused on your specific priorities and tasks. Our aim is to work with you to strategize plans and schedules, and to develop techniques for acquiring new knowledge and skills, and to manage your workload while maintaining health and well-being. Common topics include:

  • Time management and planning
  • Learning and succeeding in specific courses
  • Managing research and large projects
  • Working effectively with your advisor and professors
  • Efficient reading and learning from text
  • Tackling Problem-sets and problem-solving strategies
  • Studying and mastering large amounts of information (e.g. for generals/comprehensive exams)
  • Motivation and overcoming procrastination

Make an appointment here

Upcoming Zoom Events for Grad Students and Postdocs

The overarching aim of this slate of workshops is to equip graduate students with skills, strategies, and tools which will help them meet the new expectations and demands of graduate education at Princeton and foster their development as productive and purposeful students and scholars. Graduate training makes new demands on students with respect to mastering content, to be sure, but it also offers opportunities to further develop skills of managing time and energy, planning large research projects, writing and publishing, collaborating effectively, achieving a balanced lifestyle, and a host of other skills that are not taught explicitly. These practical, hands-on workshops will address these untaught, but essential areas of development so that Princeton graduate students can achieve their goals with less stress and greater efficiency."

Virtual Writing Groups for Post-Generals Graduate Students

Are you eager to develop a community of writers and feel motivated to write? Are you looking for the incentive to write regularly, and to practice communicating your ideas to supportive readers outside your discipline?  Starting Spring 2020, the McGraw Center is to launch pilot program of small, robust, interdisciplinary groups of post-Generals graduate students to workshop writing.