Graduate Student Academic Consultations

The demands of graduate school are diverse and require adaptation of familiar approaches and strategies. No matter what stage of your graduate studies, as you encounter new expectations and demands, meeting individually with a consultant can increase your effectiveness and efficiency. Trained professional staff and advanced PhD students from a variety of disciplines can collaborate with you to develop an individualized approach to graduate school that draws upon your unique profile of strengths and is tailored to the specific demands of your research, courses, teaching, and life.

Consultations are focused on your specific priorities and tasks. Our aim is to work with you to strategize plans and schedules, and to develop techniques for acquiring new knowledge and skills, and to manage your workload while maintaining health and well-being. Common topics include:

  • Time management and planning
  • Learning and succeeding in specific courses
  • Managing research and large projects
  • Working effectively with your advisor and professors
  • Efficient reading and learning from text
  • Tackling Problem-sets and problem-solving strategies
  • Studying and mastering large amounts of information (e.g. for generals/comprehensive exams)
  • Motivation and overcoming procrastination

Make an appointment here. Look for appointment slots which indicate “Graduate Consultant” next to the consultant’s name. Consultations are confidential.

Student Testimonial

"Our consultation helped me tremendously in my academic turnaround last year."--C.K.